Inspection Form


The following inspection must be performed by our car club’s safety chair,
or by a service facility, within four weeks of the event.

You are EXEMPT from this requirement if your car has a current Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park Semi-Annual Tech, or a current competition tech from an approved sanctioning body (SCCA, PSCR, RCCA, PCA/BMW Club Racing, POC).
You remain responsible for onsite inspection of safety equipment, fluids, wheels & tires, interior, etc.

              Please bring your current drivers license and this completed form, or   current drivers license and proof of semiannual or competition tech to morning registration.

Driver’s Name:  _______________________________________________________
Car Make & Model:  ___________________________   Color:  __________  
Car #:  ____________

Interior & engine compartment
[ ]               Brake fluid:  full, clean, DOT 3 or higher, less than three months old
[ ]               Brake pedal firm
[ ]               Brake lights working
[ ]               Wheel bearings tight, not binding
[ ]               Battery securely mounted, caps tight
[ ]               Fan belt, if present, in good condition without cracks
[ ]               Fuel lines in good condition without leaks
[ ]               Throttle linkage:  no sticking or excess play
[ ]               Engine hoses and wires:  good condition, secure
[ ]               Motor mounts:  no cracks or distortion
[ ]               No oil leaks in engine compartment
[ ]               Fuel lines and inlet:  good condition, no leaks or wetness
[ ]               Glass:  no severe cracks or scratches
[ ]               Mirrors:  left-hand exterior and inside rearview required, securely fastened
[ ]               Windshield wipers:  working, good condition
[ ]               Steering:  no excessive play

Inspect the following with the car on a lift, wheels removed
[ ]               Tires:  no cord showing, no excessive wear on sidewalls, speed rating equal to or higher      
                       than the one listed by the car manufacturer; H rating or higher when none specified.
[ ]               Wheels:  straight, no cracks
[ ]               Brakes:  calipers clean and dry; hoses and lines dry and in good condition
[ ]               Brakes must have an adequate pedal, sufficient fluid in the master cylinder,
                    and no apparent leaks under hydraulic pressure.
                    Vehicles must have a brake mechanism acting on each wheel.
[ ]               Tie rod ends tight
[ ]               Shock absorbers:  firm, no leaks, securely mounted
[ ]               Suspension mounting points:  no cracks or excessive rust
[ ]               Engine, transmission, and oil lines:  no leaks
[ ]               Exhaust:  no exhaust leaks; pipes must extend at least 1 inch beyond car
[ ]               CV joints:  no grease seepage or looseness
[ ]               Rear wheel bearings:  no leaks

Unusual modifications/conditions (describe):  _______________________________________________________
Inspected by:  __________________________________(name)   ______________________________(affiliation)


Attn Grid Tech:
Please tech this car for: 
___________ Touring
___________ Small Bore/Open Wheel
___________ Big Bore


The following Grid Tech Inspection must be performed on site prior to morning registration:

Safety Equipment
[ ]               Lap and shoulder belts required at minimum, for all close cars.  Any aftermarket harness must                         have anti-submarine strap.  No 4-point harness in any car in any class.
[ ]             Convertibles must have Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park approved or
                      recognized vintage roll bar for Small Bore, Open Wheel, Big Bore Groups. Check if present                             and conforming to specifications.
[ ]              Competition prepared convertibles must have 5-6 point harnesses.  Arm restraints are optional
                    but recommended.  Check if present and conforming to specifications.
[ ]             Helmet:  Snell 95 or Snell 00 required for Small Bore/Open Wheel and Big Bore

[ ]               Brake fluid:  clean, full, tightly capped
[ ]               Wheel bearings tight
[ ]               Tire pressures appropriate for track
[ ]               Lug nuts: all present & tightened to manufacturer’s specifications; wheel locks removed
[ ]               Hub caps removed
[ ]               Gas cap tight
[ ]               All loose items removed from interior and trunk
[ ]               Floor mats removed
[ ]               Car numbers on both sides of car; minimum of 6 inches tall, 8 inches requested


Grid Inspection by:  __________________________________


I certify that the above inspections have been conducted according to the guidelines set forth, and that all deficiencies have been corrected.  I understand that and I alone am liable for the condition and suitability of the vehicle.  I release the inspector, grid inspector, Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park, LLC from any liability arising from a failure of this vehicle for any reason, including failure of the items listed on this inspection form.

Driver __________________________________________  Date ___________

Print Name____________________________________________

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