Track And Club Rules

Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park (“PNMP”) plans to provide its members (who enter into the Membership License Agreement with PNMP with at least 20 days per month of exclusive segmented track time as determined by PNMP management, allowing members and their guests to practice their skills, play with their friends, or entertain business associates with an exhilarating track experience, at their own pace and on their own schedule. 

New members are required to attend a Driver Orientation Seminar.  This will allow each new member to learn and understand all the PNMP rules and regulations and to familiarize each member with the proper driver education.

All drivers and passengers must sign a track release waiver prior to engaging in any track related activities. 

No one is to enter the track area until permission is granted by the track Grid Marshal.  Please contact the track for the time of the first session of the day.

PNMP personnel or the Grid Marshal will determine the run groups for each day.  

Track direction is "clockwise" and at no time is a driver permitted to drive counter-clockwise.

Speed limit is 15 mph on all service roads and paddocks.

Dropping of Wheels / Spins
If a driver drops two (2) wheels off the edge of the track the driver must finish off the lap at a "cool down" pace and return to the pit/paddock area.  The Grid Marshal, along with driver, will inspect the vehicle for damage and determine if the car is in a condition to return to the track.

If a driver drops all four (4) wheels off track and/or spins the driver is required to safely return to the track surface and continue at a "cool down" pace to the pits/paddock area to meet with the Grid Marshal.

For any spins that occur on the track (even if you do not leave the track surface) the driver is required to use caution while remaining aware of other vehicles and return to the pits/paddock area to meet with the Grid Marshal.

Note:  Any driver who drops two (2) or more wheels or spins three (3) times in any one day will be deemed an "aggressive driver," and accordingly, will be asked to park their car and will not be allowed to drive for the rest of the day.

If a driver has a mechanical failure such as engine problems, oil/transmission/fuel leaks, etc., he or she is required to pull off of the track surface in a safe area at his or her earliest convenience.

If a driver goes off track and is unable to come back onto the track, he or she is to remain in his or her safety belt.  ALWAYS STAY IN THE CAR WITH YOUR SAFETY BELTS SECURED.  One exception to this rule would be a car that was on fire.

Driver Conduct
Start the day with a vehicle inspection to be sure it is in the proper operating condition.

Never enter the track without the authorization of the Grid Marshal.  The Grid Marshal will find an open spot on the track to allow you to enter safely.

Each time entering the track the driver should start with a "warm up" lap(s).  This will allow time to get a feel for the car and its conditions, i.e. brake pedal pressure, handling characteristics, etc.  This time will also allow the driver to build up tire temperatures.

At the end of each session or the lap prior to exiting the track the driver should start a "cool down" lap.  This is for all of the vehicle’s components to cool off as much as possible before it is parked in the paddock.  It is not good for a vehicle to exit the track with high temperatures.

Each time a driver exits the track for any reason, the driver should signal to all other drivers his or her intention by holding his or her arm clearly out the window (production car) or above the roll bar (race car). 

Safety Equipment
All drivers and passengers are required to use a Snell approved helmet.  SA2000 or later will be permitted.

An SFI rated racing suit is required for all race car drivers.

An SFI rated racing suit is recommended for production car drivers.  Long sleeved shirts, long pants, and closed-toe shoes are the minimum requirement.

Open cockpit cars including convertibles must have a roll bar installed.  

It is recommended that all vehicles have a fire extinguisher securely mounted.

Passing Rules
Passing is permitted in designated areas with a point-by from the driver.  All drivers are required to monitor their mirrors and as faster cars approach, they are to stay on line and clearly point the passing car by.

It is the responsibility of the passing car to make a safe and clean pass and the pass must be completed by the entry of the approaching corner.

Passing is not allowed in any corners.

Guest Rules
Members must be present for their guests to be able to ride and/or drive.
Guests are permitted to ride as passengers in the member's car.

Guests are only permitted to drive a member's car provided that they meet all PNMP requirements and driver qualifications, including those set forth herein and in the PNMP Membership License Agreement.

Authorized Guests will be permitted to drive their own vehicle on the track at the normal daily use fee per day, provided:          

  • the guest meets all requirements and driver qualifications as specified in these rules and in the Membership License Agreement; and
  • the guest pays a check ride fee, and a reservation must be made for the check ride.

Members are responsible for the charges incurred by and the behavior of their guests.  The hosting member is responsible for the guest(s) use of the club facilities and for the appropriate fees being paid.  Use of the club facilities by a guest shall be in strict accordance with the policies outlined herein.

Members are allowed to bring driving guest(s) on member days.  Guest(s) will be allowed to participate in Touring Lights Sessions only on a first come, first serve basis.  All medical and equipment requirements along with racecourse rules and regulations must be met.  The member must be present and should register his or her guest(s) at least one-week prior to the event.  A member may also allow guest(s) to “test drive” a member’s teched vehicle in a Touring Lights Session for a per session fee.

Vehicle Rentals
PNMP plans to offer a range of vehicles that can be rented on a per day basis.

Check-out Rides
Prior to driving a rental vehicle for the first time, each member will be required to drive the course with an instructor to ensure he or she can drive the vehicle in a safe and controlled manner.  Future rentals of that vehicle will not require a check-out ride.   The cost for a check-out ride for a Junior Member is $50.00.   The guest check-out ride cost is $100.00.  Founder, Corporate, and Diamond Members will receive their check-out ride at no cost.

Private Instruction
Private instruction by highly qualified performance drivers will be available to all members and their guests at an additional charge. 

Racecourse Rules
PNMP expects the on-track behavior of members to be above reproach. The requirement for members to be allowed on course is to subscribe and adhere to tenets of the 13/13 Rule in its entirety without reservation.  The 13/13 Rule states that if you are “excused” from the rest of the day’s activities, you may be placed on probation for 13 months.

If you are involved in another incident that causes damage to your car or anyone else’s while on probation, your driving privileges will be suspended for a further 13 months.  The placement of a member on the probation list will be reported and distributed among member clubs and all other driving clubs which respect the 13/13 rule.  PNMP will receive regular updates of those individuals who are placed on this list by other clubs and will not allow access for those whose driving privileges have been suspended by any member club.  Any member of PNMP management or any of its authorized agents may place a member on probation at any time.  Any member of PNMP management or any of its authorized agents may suspend any member’s driving privileges at any time for conduct that, in their opinion, jeopardizes the safety of the facility or other members.  On-track sessions will range from single Solo I exercises (timed laps run one at a time) to sessions allowing passing only in designated areas, up to and including events open to competition cars under race conditions.  The 13/13 Rule will be in effect at all times that the track is open for use by members.

To participate in a Member Driving Day event, a member must have signed a form:

1) Certifying that he/she has no known physical or mental impairments that could jeopardize themselves or others if he/she participates in Member Driving Day events


2) Agreeing to abide by the Track Rules regarding the conduct of the Member Driving Day events.  Each member of the member’s family who wishes to drive must sign the form.
Member time on any of the racecourses will typically be scheduled in 20 minute sessions. Once a member completes one session on any member day, he or she or it is liable for payment of all member fees associated with that day.  Only the Track Manager or his/her authorized agent can cancel scheduled driving time for inclement weather.

Session Classifications for Use of the Racecourses
Touring Lights:
Touring Lights will consist of paced, speed restricted track sessions that will allow open cars without roll bars and other drivers who wish to experience the thrill of driving briskly, but without the pressure or distraction of overtaking or being overtaken.  This is the perfect venue for an “evening cruise” with a child or loved one.  Helmet use is optional in closed cars, required in open cars.  Lap and shoulder belts are required.  Long sleeved shirts, long pants in natural fibers required.  Closed toed shoes required.  Drivers must be 18 years old and possess a valid driver's license with full privileges. An excellent introduction and opportunity to coach a minor or spouse in the fundamentals of high performance driving before moving on to the next level, Touring.

Touring is a non-competitive venue for those who wish to enjoy the higher speeds attainable in this limited passing area session. Touring will serve the small bore streetcars under 2.5L closed wheel cars such as Miatas, Mini Coopers, Acura, Honda, and smaller BMW sedans.  This group will also serve those big-bore drivers who prefer a moderate speed group.  Access to this group will be at PNMP’s discretion.  Long sleeve shirts and pants in natural fibers are required. Drivers who have successfully completed several Touring Events may be advanced to High Speed upon their request and with management’s recommendation.  A majority of members are expected to utilize this level of the club driving experience.

Open Wheel/Sports Racer:
This group will include all formula cars, and sports racers.

High Speed:
The High Speed group will include competition coupes and large bore streetcars over 2.5L.  Examples include Mustangs, Vipers, Corvette's, BMW M models, Porsche 911, “Stock Cars”, Porsche Cup Cars, and Ferrari. High Speed allows competent, experienced drivers to explore, in a controlled environment, the limits of themselves and their cars.  High Speed is NOT a competitive environment and passing under and in the corners is punishable by exclusion from the club facilities.  Advanced group students and instructors from recognized marquee clubs are likely to use this classification.

Equipment Requirements for Membership Use:
Members MUST bring a technical inspection form to the track on the Member Driving Day.  Members become exempt from this requirement when their cars successfully pass PNMP semi-annual Tech Inspection.  Members remain responsible for on-site inspection of their vehicles.

Driver Requirements for Passing Groups:
Drivers must be a least 18 years old and possess a valid driver's license with full privileges.  Drivers must show one of the following to participate in these groups; Approved competition license, proof of completion of a least one approved professional and/or recognized marquee club school, or PNMP Club school.

Safety Requirements for Passing Groups:
Passengers are permitted with proper clothing, approved helmet, and the car must be equipped with required safety equipment below.  Lap and shoulder belts required for all drivers with passengers in closed cars.  Passengers must be 18 years of age.  Convertibles must have approved or recognized roll bar.  Competition prepared convertibles must have 5 or 6 point harnesses.  Aftermarket harness must have anti-submarine strap. No 4-point harness in any car in any class.  Arm restraints are optional, but highly recommended.  Snell 2000 helmets are required.  Fullface helmet is required for convertibles.  Competition cars must meet safety standards established by the sanctioning body that they hold a logbook for. (i.e. SCCA, SVRA, NASA, SCCS, etc.) Long sleeved shirts, long pants in natural fibers, and closed toed shoes are required.  Leather or Nomex shoes are recommended.  One-piece SFI or FIA rated drivers suit with minimum of two layers recommended.  Passing will be in designated areas only.

Supplementals for Motorcycles and Karts:
While it is envisioned that a majority of the members that wish to drive on a race course shall do so in either street or competition automobiles, designated days will be scheduled in advance by the Track Manager for those members who desire to ride motorcycles or drive recognized classes of karts.  Alternating sessions will be provided so like motorcycles and riders experience may be accommodated.  The division shall be primarily based on engine displacement (i.e. 250 to 600, 750 to 1200cc.)  A division may be made to allow for novice and experienced riders to enjoy separate sessions if demand warrants.  Members desiring use of the racecourse for motorcycles or karts should petition the Track Manager for designated days so the maximum number of members with similar interests may be accommodated.  All motorcycle participants shall be at least 18 years old and hold a current driver’s license with the appropriate motorcycle endorsement.  Helmets must be worn, with additional gear recommended for advanced riders.  If a rider is observed “showing off” or in any way is deemed to be riding in a reckless or unsafe manner, that rider will be removed from the course and from the facility at the sole discretion of the Track Manager or his designated agent.  If there is an incident that results in the motorcycle “going down” or otherwise leaving the paved surface of the racecourse, the rider will be placed on probation concurrent with the 13/13 Rule outlined previously.  If there is an incident involving a rider under probation, racecourse privileges will be suspended concurrent with the 13/13 Rule outlined previously.

Short-term garage rentals, as available, shall be available on a first come, first served basis to licensed drivers only.   Priority will be determined by membership type for those members who are put on a waiting list.

Tentative schedules of member track time will be posted in the Lounge/Bar, at least two months in advance.  Members must make reservations with the Track Manager’s office for sessions they plan on participating in by submitting their completed registration form and all required fees.  Reservations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  If there are insufficient participant reservations to warrant holding any given session, the Track Manager may eliminate that session.

Registering Complaints
Members who wish to officially register a complaint should transmit the same in writing to the Club Manager, Track Manager or Director of Motorsports Activities.  The Club Manager, Track Manager or Director of Motorsports Activities are required to call to the attention of members or guests any violation of track or club rules or misconduct.

Parents shall be responsible for and supervise the conduct of their children while on the club premises.

No pets shall be permitted in the clubhouse or at the pool at any time.  Pets must be on a leash at all times if brought on the club grounds and owners are responsible for cleaning up after them.

No loud or objectionable music is allowed on the club grounds.

No automobile or motorcycle advertising will be allowed on vehicles at or on the track that conflict with PNMP’s marketing activities or its sponsorship agreements.

PNMP will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal property of members or guests.  As a matter of policy, all members and guests, persons and invitees shall be required to sign a PNMP standard waiver of liability to enter upon the grounds.  Similarly, waivers must be signed for all children, whether guest’s or member’s offspring, by the child’s legal guardian or parent.

Designated parking lots are available for the convenience of the members and their guests.  Members and their guests shall park their cars and/or golf carts in the parking areas provided and within the spaces marked on the pavement, so as not to block the entrance and exit lanes or take up more than one parking spot.  Vehicles parked in fire lanes or blocking access will be towed at its owner’s expense.  The parking will be the best available as rules specific to a given event will allow.

Golf Carts
Members are responsible for the security, repair and replacement if lost, damaged or stolen, of a club golf cart once it is rented and delivered to the member, whether used by the member, any family member or guest.  Golf carts must be returned by dark and shall be parked in designated areas.  Golf carts shall be available on a first come first served basis to licensed drivers only. 

Members and their guests at the club are expected to dress in good taste at all times and dress codes may be put in place for specific events.   Driving attire is allowed in the Lounge/Bar on member driving days only.

No food may be consumed on the club premises unless purchased from the club.

PNMP is committed to “Responsible Alcohol Management”.  The club reserves the right to refuse service of alcoholic beverages in its sole discretion.  No alcohol may be consumed on the club premises unless purchased from the club.  The club for all events must supply all beer, wine, and alcoholic beverages.  No alcoholic beverages shall be sold, possessed or consumed upon the club premises by anyone less than 21 years of age.  No alcohol will be served to anyone who appears to be intoxicated.  Hosts are expected to help enforce this policy.  The Oregon liquor laws shall be strictly enforced.

Controlled Substances
No controlled substances shall be sold, possessed or consumed on the club premises.  Violators will be subject to expulsion and possible prosecution if detected.

Smoking is not permitted on the club grounds outside the designated areas. 

Private Parties
Use of the club facilities is intended primarily for the personal entertainment of members.  Personal entertainment shall mean entertainment solely by and at the sole expense of the member or members.  A member may reserve the club. Reservations by members desiring to make use of the club or trackside facilities for private entertainment must be approved by the club manager or by his designated agent.

Requests to close the club for private parties or dinners will be made to the club manager or his designated agent.  Notice will be given to members at least two weeks in advance of any closure. Permission will not be granted for any time coinciding with a Lounge/Bar spectator event or during a universally popular weekend.

Club or trackside facilities may be made available for use by clubs and other organizations.  Such usage shall be sponsored by a member or members and requires the approval of the club manager.

Members will be allowed the use of the clubhouse when constructed with no room charge. Non-members with a member sponsor will be charged a $5.00 per person facilities charge with a $25.00 minimum.  Non-members cannot use facilities of the club unless accompanied by a member.

Special parties, dances, buffets, suppers, events, etc. will be arranged from time to time.  Orders from the regular menu may not be accepted when buffets or special events are in progress.

Catering will also be made available upon request.

Gratuities/Service Charges  
All charges must be signed by a member with a recognized, valid credit card held on file.  All food and beverage charges are subject to 18% service charge and the prevailing sales tax (if applicable).

Swimming Pool Rules
The pool, when completed, will be open daily, weather and daylight permitting, to be announced.  There will be a fee for guest(s).  Children under 14 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.  Parents shall be directly and completely responsible for all actions of their children and their guests on the premises.  Anyone using the pool and its facilities at any time does so at their own risk.  Swimming attire is restricted to the pool area.  Running, shoving, rough behavior, horseplay and any personal conduct endangering the safety of self and others is not permitted.  Swimming, jumping or hanging on the slide is not allowed.  Only unbreakable containers are allowed in the pool area.  All food and alcoholic beverages must be consumed inside the designated areas.  There will be no lifeguards.  Swimming will be at the member’s and their guest’s own risk!  Swimming pool rules will be posted at the facility and may change at any time.

Fitness Complex
When exercising, everyone, including guests, must sign in, in the fitness complex office.  No bathing suits of any kind are to be worn in the fitness complex.  Members who bring guests are responsible for seeing that their guests abide by all regulations.  There will be a daily fee for guests.  No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the exercise room unless accompanied by an adult.  No food is permitted in the Fitness Complex.  Any special rules concerning the Fitness Complex will be posted at the appropriate time.

Playground & Children’s Activities
From time to time, and especially during major events and school vacation periods, children’s activities may be scheduled for members’ children and/or grandchildren.  Certain activities and services may incur a fee, may include meals and may require a consent form to be signed by the child’s parent or legal guardian.

Note: Track and Club Rules are subject to change without notice.

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